“Believe in Europe”

After spending 5 years at the presidency of the European Book Prize’s Sponsorship Committee, Jacques Delors, in agreement with the Council, remaining Honorary President and member of the Sponsorship Committee, is entrusting this year Pascal Lamy with the presidency.

The 8th European Book Prize will be given on Wednesday, December 3rd 2014 in Brussels, at the European Parliament, presided by Martin Schulz.

The jury, made up by journalists, correspondents in Brussels for great European media (El Pais, la Repubblica, Libération , Le Soir, Le Monde, Gazeta Wyborcza, France Inter …) will be presided this year by the film-maker Radu Mihaileanu. This jury will award a novel and an essay expressing“volition of Europe”.

Each laureate will receive 10 000 euros.